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How to bring back your old facebook chatbox

  1. To bring back your Facebook Old Chatbox...

    Just follow the steps below:

    For Google Chrome Browser

    1. Click here to bring back your Old Facebook Chatbox
    2. After clicking the link above it will display the image below:

    3. Click Continue then click Install and your done.

    Share and Like if it works for you!
    Spread the word!

    For Firefox Browsers

    1. Download first Greasemonkey Mozilla Addon  and Add to Firefox

    2. Click Install Now
    3. Click to bring back your Old Facebook Chatbox
5:35 AM - By ADMIN 0


Traffic Lesson, Powerful Article Marketing Secrets Inside!!

Today I just want to tel you something about a few Article Marketing tricks I´m using whenever I need to write articles! I normally doesn´t need longer than 15 minutes to write an article about nearly any topic, and I get click through rates of up to 30 percent!
Here are some of my little "secrets" :
  1.  Start with a question about your topic or the problem you want to solve. Speak directly to your reader and bold the sentence if possible! (Do you need more free website traffic? Would be a great start)
  2. Mkae clear that you where at the same point in the past, and you found a way to master this situation/proble. Alternatively can you use a second question here if you want to. (Example : I know exacly how you feel.... I was at the same point like you in the past...and so on)
  3. Add a sentence to make clear that your article contains more important information about the targeted problem and solution...{...so make sure to read on this article to learn more about my way out of this situation....or: Read on and discover how I managed to do what ever you want to promote....}
  4. Well, now you can start your articles main content make sure to keep it easily readable, see below for more general tips)
  5. At the end of your article, wriite a little warning like this one : Attention : Not applying these strategies into your marketing plan will result in a loss of profit on your site!
  6. Start your resource box like your article, with a question.
  7. Offer a free gift in your resource box content
Some more general tricks :
9:11 AM - By oWneR 0


Most Important Social Ranking Factors

Does social media influences your natural search engine position? And if, in which way and how strong?

Fact is, social media does affect your search engine position, even if the most services are using nofollow tagged links, is there still a minimum linkjuice transfered.
Beside this tiny effect, Google and also Bing are using several Social Media factors to determine your Search engine position. All these social media seo factors have a little effect on your search engine performance, I guess I heard something about 7% (Of All Ranking Factors), but this isn´t for sure.
Below you find a collection of the most important Social ranking factors used by Google, Bing and Yahoo :

1. Amount of Followers / Fans / Subscribers

2. Popularity of your Followers and Friends (Twitter)

3. Relevancy (Twitter)

4. Amount of Retweets / Likes (Twitter)

5. Amount of Fans

9:09 AM - By oWneR 0


Importance Of Onpage SEO and The Short Cut

Hello again!
When we talk about optimizing a website, there are two different
schools of thought. There are people who give more currency to
on-page factors and then there are those who talk more about
off-page factors. People who talk about on-page factors speak
more about things like keyword optimization, using the right title
tags, using less HTML, using the right fonts and images, etc.
Those who believe more in off-page factors won’t give much
regard to all these points, but they will think more about generating
more traffic through backlinking and other similar methods.
Now, the big question is—which of these schools of thoughts
is correct?

Let us put it this way—if all your on-page factors are in order
and if you just get one backlink for your website, then you have
everything that might take you to #1 on Google. Yes, you read
that right. This is absolutely true. And in contrast—what will the
off-page believing website have to do? To put it very simply, a
9:08 AM - By oWneR 0


Tips To make Your Linkwheels Stay

Today I want to tell you something about a very common problem many people got by using SEnuke X, the Rankbuilder Pro or any other Linkwheel software : Their Linkwheels are getting deleted!

Well, here are some tips to minimize this problem :
  • Always spin your article very, very well! Test your article several times to avoid spinning mistakes!
  • Always submit the first article without any links added, here you can use a custom written "Welcome on my Blog about ***" post, for example!
  • Never add more than 3 links in your article
  • Do not submit one article to all link wheel properties at once, do it over some time
  • Avoid using the same Web 2.0 order, make sure to randomize your linkwheel whenever you post new content.
9:05 AM - By oWneR 0


Top 10 Tips To Build Link Wheel

Link Wheel Tip #1 :

Do not close your link wheel! Google may detect a completely closed link wheel as a link manipulation. An alternative I´m using from time to time is to close the link wheel by using a link in the side bar of the Web 2.0 Spoke (You can use an RSS feed here too!). This is especialy important if you only build a small link wheel (less than 12 spokes).

Link Wheel Tip #2 :

Use as many spokes as possible to create your link wheel, this will not only increase the effectivity of your link wheel, it  will also make it much harder for Google to detect your link wheel as what it is! I also try to randomize the size of my link wheels from time to time!

Link Wheel Tip #3 :

Check that all Web 2.0 Spokes are using dofollow tagged links! Your Linkwheel will only take effect if all of your spokes are dofollow! Make sure to keep this in mind!

Link Wheel Tip #4 :

Try to update your linkwheel on a  regular basis! This will easily multiply the power of your link wheel after some time! pdating your content once or twice a month should be enough!

Link Wheel Tip #5 :

Add articles to your linkwheel structure. So you can use articles as linkwheel spoke for example. Another option is to use article submissions to promote your linkwheels spokes for even more traffic and link juice!

Link Wheel Tip #6 :

Make sure to randomize your inter linking structure whenever you add new content to your linkwheels! Another good idea is to add additional Web 2.0 spokes from time to time! Normally I´m using article directories, forums and social networks here. This will make it a lot harder for google to ssee whats going on!

Link Wheel Tip #7 :

Many Web 2.0 sites are alowing you to display RSS feeds or custom links on your Profile or blog! Do not miss this oppertunity to interlink your link wheel spokes, your money sites and articles. If you target a very compehensive niche, it can be very effective to use your sidebar features to interlink several link wheels together.

Link Wheel Tip #8 :

Start to interlink your link wheels, so you will develop a powerful linking network that will help you to dominate the search engines even for compehensive keywords!
9:00 AM - By oWneR 0


To change the age in google+(plus)

Yes, I've got the same issue! I don't believe Google does this for anything other than legal reasons. I'm 16 and a regular Google user, but I ran into the same problem when I entered my birthdate as I saw no EULA telling me I had to be 18+. It gave me one chance to confirm, saying that my birthday was invalid after I entered the date that makes me under 18. I again entered my real birthdate as I didn't get the hint. No big deal though, being age of majority to use an online service is fairly common. I would have liked to have beta tested Google+ but that's alright, I don't need another distraction. My nice, previously black bar, has turned grey, though, so I have a sinking feeling other Google features will disappear for the next two years!

Don't think that Google is mocking you because of your age. They know they know the value of extremely smart youth like Tesca Fitzgerald (14), who kicked off the Google Science Fair. This is probably mainly a legal issue, and until Google+ gets a EULA that allows minors, I believe the site will be open to 18+ only. I've been beta testing Google services for the past couple years, and I'm good friends with a couple people who make regular trips to the Googleplex, but it really doesn't matter. Google can't do anything if you admit to being under 18. This specific one has to do with the checkbox, I believe. You are required to assume responsibility for anything that happens with your information, and you can't legally be responsible for your own actions until you're 18.

Chances are, anyone over 13 will be allowed to use Google+ after the beta period is over! (Can anyone from Google confirm or deny this?) 

My only doubt is that, considering Google+ is Orkut's successor, it'll remain 18+ like Orkut, because Google+ involves making information public. But what's different than a Google profile? I can view anyone's Google Profile regardless of their age (so far that I know), and see any information they've posted! 
6:25 AM - By ADMIN 0


Nokia X7-00 Specifications And Price In India

Nokia X7-00

The Nokia X7-00 music phone gets official. Nokia X7-00 is the music device runs on Nokia’s latest Symbian Anna PR 2.0 OS and come with NFS Shift integrated. The Nokia X7-00 will sport a 4 inch Amoled touchscreen display with CBD, 4 Customizable Home screens, 8MP Camera, Video recording, and bulit in 4 stero speakers to enjoy the music.

The Nokia X7-00 is available in India. Nokia X7-00 features and specs:
OS: Symbian Anna PR 2.0 OS
Network: 3G HSDPA 10.2 mbps, HSUPA 2.0 Mbps
4 Home screens
4 inch Amoled display with CBD
360X 640 pixels screen resolution
8MP camera with dual LED flash
720p video recording at 30 fps
Video Player
Accelerometer, Proximity sensor and Ambient light detector
350 MB Internal memory
MicroSD card Slot for up to 32GB external memory (8GB card included)
Audio codecs: MP3, WMA, AAC, eAAC, eAAC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB
FM Radio with RDS
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, micro USB
GPS with A-GPS
NFS Shift
4 stereo speakers
Java MIDP 2.1, HTML 4.1
Flash Lite 4.0
Social networking integration
Dimensions: 119.7 x 62.8 x 11.9 mm
Weight: 146 g
Battery: 1300 mAh
Talktime: GSM 6 h 30 min, WCDMA 4 h 30 min
Standby time:GSM 450 h, WCDMA 450 h

Nokia X7 Price in India

Price of Nokia X7 is around Rs. 22,000 in India.

10:13 AM - By oWneR 0


How to video chat in facebook

Sometime an emoticon just isn't enough. With afce-to-face video calling, now you can watch you'r friends smile, wink and LOL ... yep that's right now you can do it all in facebook

Before you can call you're friends, you need to complete a quick one time setup
Go to www.facebook.com/videocalling
there you'll see an option 'Get Started' click it , now select a friend from the chat box the download the setting , Then click on the Set Up button and one the setup is complete you can select a friend from the Chat box and to start the video chatting click on the video icon on the top right of the chat box , or Go to you'r friends profile where you'll see the call button between message and poke button

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari supports this facility
Even if you don't have a webcam you can make video call, you'll be able to see and hear you'r friends but they will only be able to hear you
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