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Bookmark Managers: Programs vs. Web Services

The rapid development of the World Wide Web in recent years has led to an explosive growth of information on the Internet. Our contemporary lifestyle would be unimaginable without access to such a super-abundant cornucopia of valuable information and web surfing has now become an everyday occupation for even the most diverse sections of society.

This rapid expansion of web resources raises some new issues for all of us. How could you possibly remember; after a long search, the address of that crucial web page? How will you be able to return to the page without repeating a tedious web search through hundreds and thousands of pages?
The answer is obvious, you need a program that will allow you to easily create and manage a database of web resources. Of course, this database must be quick, intuitive and convenient to use.
8:33 AM - By oWneR 3


Tips on Understanding the Dangers of Spyware and Adware

Money is the very crux of adware and spyware. These pose several problems and are a security risk.

Adware is a program that displays advertisements on the computer whether you want them or not. They are not just connected to particular websites or free software but are programmed to start up whenever your computer is switched on.

Programs like Eudora mail client display advertisements in lieu of charging registration fees for use of software. It helps developers recover program development costs. Kazaa the file sharing application comes bundled with at least three ad-ware programs. Two of them serve ads to the desktop while another redirects the user's browser to a search engine with advertiser sponsored web results. Well known ones are: BroadcastPC; Comet Cursor; GeoWhere; Network Essentials, 123 Messenger, Direct Revenue, and so on.

Unfortunately, other guises of adware are spyware and malware.
8:32 AM - By oWneR 1


Annoying Spyware And Its Elimination

Nowadays, you might have noticed of a threatening word "Spyware". Spyware software is becoming annoyance for the companies. Spyware is likely to be verified as a great damager to the companies. It is not so noticeable like spam and virus assaults to the systems. Spyware could be destructive and cause financial losses.

Spyware is almost an invisible software programs that collects and transmits personal or company's important data through the Internet without being noticed. The transferred data could be used for smashing up your company's credit or might hard hit its profits. Spyware is also commonly acknowledged as Adware, Malware, Sneakware and Snoopware.

8:32 AM - By oWneR 0


Are You Protecting Your Computer?

Do you know what to look for in anti-virus software?

You just bought yourself a new computer! Can't wait to get it out of the box. Maybe you have had a computer before and maybe this is your second or third computer. And, you don't want to have all those problems you hear about. This is the time to think ahead and go for a positive online experience.

You should realize that while you are unpacking your new machine, there are people all over the world who are plotting to spoil your computer with maliscious, well-thought out plans. Your computer will endure attacks moments after you go online. This is why we all have to use antivirus protection. You and I just have no choice. The single most important program on your computer is your anti virus program. And, it should be a really good one. Everything on your computer, from your valuable software, your work, to your personal financial records is contantly at risk. I will explain some of the features you should look for in anti-virus software.
8:31 AM - By oWneR 0


Virus Protection not enough to keep your system safe

The Internet is a dangerous place for people as well as computer systems. Every day there is a new threat that seeks to do harm to your computer and the information contained within your hard drive.

Many people believe that they are protected because they have anti-virus protection. Sadly, this is not the case. There are many threats that your anti-virus software will not protect you against. If you are surfing the Internet with just anti-virus protection then you may already have malicious programs running in your computer 'background', unknown to you and doing irreparable harm.

These programs are more commonly referred to as spyware. Spyware is similar in nature to a computer virus in that they both infiltrate and affect system resources and often times both are hard to detect. The main reason that anti-virus does not protect against such threats is because spyware does not appear to be malicious. Often times spyware is disguised as something as harmless as a computer cookie. Once it is logged into your system a whole host of problems can occur.

By its very name, spyware is used to spy on your computer system. This gives whoever created the code a chance to access all of the confidential data that is stored on your hard drive, like passwords, financial data, and personal identification items. Hackers can also use spyware to hijack your computer system and use your accounts for illegal activities such as sending spam mails from your email account, or worse-stealing credit card information. Of course this is all happening right under your nose because your anti-virus protection software was never meant to catch this new kind of code.

People often ask how they can avoid getting spyware. The simple answer is there is no way to keep from getting spyware, absent setting your browser security options to a very high level, but there is a way to remove it from your system before it does any damage.

You will need to purchase and use spyware removal software. This is the only effective method to protect yourself and your computer from the malicious content that is found on the web. A spyware removal program acts as a sweeper, and ultimately a protector by destroying the spyware code found on your drives. It is as simple as that.

The best course of action that one should take is to run the spyware removal software after each session on the web, or weekly if that is to much of a burden. There is no way to avoid all of the potential threats that are on the net these days. Even if you visit only reputable sites that you have visited before you still run a high risk of getting spyware. Most often, a webmaster has no idea that his site is being used to distribute spyware. Producers of the spyware code are getting smarter everyday, and they're learning to cover their tracks well.

8:30 AM - By oWneR 0


Tips to Protect Your PC Files from External Attack

Essential to peace of mind is protecting the PC and your online privacy. When connected to the web, your work and data is open to attacks of various kinds including harmful downloads. A simple game, picture, or program may be the vehicle for malevolence. So, you need to check whether every file that you download, open, or save, is safe or whether there are irregularities of any kind.

Protect your PC by:

  • Blocking hackers and viruses by installing the latest firewall and antivirus software. It is advisable to install a software firewall even if you have a hardware firewall in your system. A software firewall is designed to query whether or not it should permit "X," access. The user can specify which applications can access the port and which cannot. A bi-directional firewall such as ZoneAlarm3 and Personal Firewall 5 will monitor both inbound and outbound traffic preventing Trojans and backdoor programs from functioning.
  • Block downloads that install unwanted programs by using the options in Internet explorer to block all software from source X specified by you.
8:30 AM - By oWneR 0


Tips on Understanding the Benefits of a Download Manager

A download manager facilitates downloading of files from the Internet. Designed with specific purposes in mind, a manager can:
  • Automatically dial up an Internet provider at night, when rates are low and download files. The manager will disconnect the dial up when the downloading is complete.
  • Download huge files for users with a broadband connection, can resume broken downloads, limit downloading capacity, browse a site automatically to download specified content, and do regular updating of downloads.
8:29 AM - By oWneR 0


An Overview of MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Program

A growing number of people are working at attempting to make a profession out of their involvement with computers, computer programming and related enterprises. To this end, a considerable lot of people are attempting to find methods through which they can make their services more marketable in today's competitive world. Consequently, many people are seeking training as an MCSE or Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

Perhaps you are one of the many people who is attempting to make a career in the field of computers, computer programming or in a related high-tech venue. You may have found yourself interested in exploring options such as obtaining an MCSE. However, you may not be entirely certain what an MCSE is and what is involved in obtaining an MCSE. Through this article, you are provided a very brief overview of an MCSE and what generally is involved in gaining this type of designation.

As the full MCSE moniker indicates (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) the designation is associated with Microsoft behemoth. A person who obtains a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer or MCSE certification or designation is a person who has passed certain exams about Microsoft products and software. The exams and attendant study materials are created under the auspices of the Microsoft Corporation.

With that said, there are now some private resources available to people interested in obtaining an MCSE through which they can prepare for the subject exams. These resources operate independently of the Microsoft Corporation. However, while these independent preparation resources now do exist, if you are interested in obtaining MCSE certification in the end, you need to take the certified training courses that are conducted by Microsoft at various designated locations around the world.

Microsoft frequently holds its training courses for MCSE certification at locations such as high schools, colleges and junior colleges in different locations around the world and throughout the year.
8:28 AM - By oWneR 0


10 Reasons Why Vista is Much More Than a Spoon Full of Sugar

Every new operating system comes with advanced and much improved features. What is exciting to some is not so to others. Basically within a new system each user has his or her own individual preferences. Windows Vista or Longhorn as it was first known is a replacement for XP and is the "new" desk operating system scheduled to be launched by December 2006.

Descriptions of Vista are glowing; it is seen as a vision of the future. High definition graphics, the 'z' level in organization, greater clarity, unbelievable security, and boundless thinking power are what it is about. The operating system is set to fulfill all needs, it has a secure and speedy start up, not just when booting but also when returning to active status from standby mode; improved and strengthened driver design which protects the os from crashing when other things go wrong; and an antiphishing device or filter that identifies and confirms phishing sites by using a dynamically updated database. Technically, the Vista uses an image-based installation thereby facilitating deployments by IT professionals. An advanced event log simplifies administrative tasks.
8:28 AM - By oWneR 0


12 Essential New Features of Office 12

The final version of Office 12 is slated for release in mid 2006. Although Microsoft is yet to confirm what the final version of Office 12 will include, the broad areas that have been the focus of change are productivity, handling of business information, managing of documents, and enhanced user friendliness.

1. All programs like Word, Excel, and Power Point have a new look. The new user interface has a ribbon of frequently used commands and operations which will enhance usability instead of drop down menus.

2. The server based capabilities include document rights and work flow management.

3. In the case of the revamped Excel, it will support SQL Server 2005, and have much awaited features like greater spreadsheet capacity, tools for sorting and filtering, as well as extensive data visualization capabilities. The user will be able to access, analyze, and share information securely and easily not just within the system but between databases and enterprise applications.

4. The new system will support sharing of workspaces and exchange of information across corporate boundaries. Incorporating P2P capabilities, the system it all set to take a giant leap forward.
8:27 AM - By oWneR 0


10 Comparisons of Vista vs Tiger

Competitive and fast are two terms that are applicable to the world of computers. Constantly changing and evolving computer systems bring many advantages to the users and techies alike. The race for supremacy between the yet to be launched Vista (scheduled for 2006) and Mac OSX Tiger began in 2003 with Microsoft's announcements of plans for an integrated desktop search functionality in Windows Vista.

While opinions vary and are really personal choices in many ways, the following sums up the functionalities between Vista and Tiger.

1. Vista has a completely redesigned look and feel; it is aesthetic, functional, and exciting according to industry sources. Mac Tiger on the other hand was always famous for its technology and aesthetics which are clean and clutter free. In fact, many of the visual effects that Vista has like translucent icons, high resolution, and animation effects have been integral to Tiger for more than four years.
8:26 AM - By oWneR 0


Fix Your Computer Registry

The Windows Registry System

Basically, for all windows users, one of the most important things in a computer that needs backup is the windows registry.

In windows, the registry system stores all of your information in your computer. These are placed in a database system where certain data about the user profile, configuration settings, and installed programs are recorded.

However, there are times when the computer gets system-overload and can no longer accept data or misplaces the pieces of data stored in the computer. If this is the case, then it is high time that you fix registry on computer.
8:25 AM - By oWneR 0


Oracle E-Business Suite: Software Factory Development Process

The Software Factory concept is based on a production line for systems from user requirements to software delivered. This production should be done without any direct communication between developers (production line workers) and users, system analysts and designers (customer side), based upon a scope, schedule, costs and quality standards.
A software development process is a fundamental piece to a software factory success, it considers all software development cycle and help project activities and resources management (plan and control).
Software Factory for Oracle E-Business Suite Projects uses a software development process based on AIM Advantage (Application Implementation Method). AIM Advantage is a proven, comprehensive method and toolkit to successfully guide implementation of an Oracle Applications solution. Developed and sold by Oracle Corporation, AIM is used by Oracle consultants, partners and customers when implementing Oracle Applications.
8:25 AM - By oWneR 0


USPS Click-N-Ship Software Provides Free Delivery Confirmation

Gone are the days of having to stand in line at the post office just to mail a package. These days, thanks to the advancement of the internet and technology, postal customers can now print postage from the convenience of their own home. Using a standard printer, along with USPS Click-N-Ship software, consumers can print shipping labels, postage stamps and even delivery confirmation numbers.

Many individuals, who make their living at online auction sites, are constantly in need of additional convenience relating to mailing and expenses. The software, which installs quickly, is one way to save shippers a bundle of time by allowing them to print postage directly from their printer. Using standard typing paper, the software enables the shipper to print a complete label featuring the return address, shipping address, barcode and a delivery confirmation.

8:24 AM - By oWneR 0


Top 7 Ways A Knowledge Base Program Can Improve Your Office

One of your employees has just tried to print something and he/she gets a printer error. The error says, "Out of paper." Well the employee knows that the printer is not out of paper and it does not have a paper jam. What to do? Well the traditional answer is to call technical support. But wait. Hasn't someone else in the office seen this error before? Can it be corrected faster with the help of a co-worker? In this article we will review 7 ways a Knowledge Base program can improve overall office communication.

1. The biggest reason to use a Knowledge Base program is to keep track of software problems. Almost all offices have three dynamics to their software: Operating System, Productivity Software, and custom built software for your business. Entrusting all your business computers to all of this software is indeed a brave move. A Knowledge Base program allows your employees to enter detailed information on a variety of software topics including; how-to(s), program errors, settings and options, hardware settings, and many others.

2. A Knowledge Base program is perfect for storing... well, knowledge. Quite often your office will have an employee who has been with the business for several years and then suddenly submits their two week notice for a variety of reasons. This employee takes all of his/her knowledge with them. This leaves other less informed employees to fill their shoes. Not an easy task. It doesn't need to be that way any more. With a Knowledge Base program, an employee can be required to make at least one entry a week. If you have 5 employees, that is 260 entries in your Knowledge Base per year!

3. How does one define knowledge? A Knowledge Base can be basically anything you desire. Quite often we have contact information, vendor information, and policies and procedures stored in hundreds of files over the whole hard drive; or worse, papers all over the office. A Knowledge Base makes it easy to have all that information in one place. If the Knowledge Base has a robust search engine; a search can be completed in a few seconds.

4. Customer Relations. A Knowledge Base can improve customer relations. Customers can now have advanced knowledge of polices and procedures and well as product and service pricing, and with a quick response from the employee.

5. More accurate answers. Often, you simply give up trying to find the information and take your best guess at what you think the material contained. While this may be acceptable to you some of the time, it may not be acceptable to the customer or client you are talking to.

6. Improve Office productivity. The same employee that had the "out of paper" error message found out from the Knowledge Base that he/she needed to re-install the printer driver. This saved the employee twenty minutes out of the work day.

7. Beat the competition. The competition may have never even considered using a Knowledge Base program in the office. By having this basic idea and software in place, you will be able to work smarter, save time, and save money. The competition will be left in the dust!
8:24 AM - By oWneR 0


How to Choose the Right Webcam Surveillance Software?

Many people want to have some kind of spy equipment for better home security. However, besides wireless spy cameras, VCR or DVR systems, there is also special software used to control those surveillance gadgets.

Large companies use professional security systems along with already built in (embedded digital video recorder or PC based DVR soft) spy camera control software. But what about smaller guys? Do you also have to spend thousands of dollars for professional spy security system and software to feel safe and secure in your house? And the answer is not necessarily.
8:23 AM - By oWneR 0


Take Charge Of Errant Files And Folders!

If you are like most people, you have hundreds of important files spread all over your hard drive. It seems that there is not a universal way of handling these files and folders. Luckily there are a few simple things that you can do to manage and organize all your work.

1. Keep it simple. If you have multiple customers/clients/patients that need extra information stored about them outside of your usual database, create a file folder for the information and use the same naming conventions on all the files. For example: You could use the first three letters of a last name followed by 01.

2. Numerical files can be sorted numerically. When dealing with numerical files, make sure to add an initial zero before the number 1 or 2. For example: If you have one file named customer10 and another file named customer1, the customer10 file is sorted first if you sort by name. This can be really annoying. However, if customer1 is renamed to customer01 it will take care of the problem.
8:22 AM - By oWneR 0


Simple DataReader in C#

Today, I want to tell the absolute beginner how to read a value from a SQLDataReader in C#.
If you are an experienced ADO.NET developer then this article will be a complete bore for you. But, believe it or not, there are people who are trying to learn how to work with databases in C#. So maybe I can help out at least one person!
What is an SQL DataReader? DataReaders are a fast way to pull records from a database when all you want to do is simply READ. You may have heard the term "Firehose Cursor" used to describe a DataReader. A firehose is a good comparison because the water (data) only flows one way and it flows fast. DataReaders can not be used to update data, delete data, or anything else other than reading. A good example of when to use a DataReader would be cities in a state. You may want to read out all cities in New York and since they aren't exactly changing every day, you would want to pull them down as fast as possible.
8:21 AM - By oWneR 0


Simple Steps - Protect your Computer Online

So you've bought your computer and want to get online? It's not as simple as connect the wire and off you go these day's. The internet is a weird and wonderful place as long as you can control what you do.

That's why you need to protect yourself. These can be done in a number of very simple steps. This article will get you started but you should always try to be smart when your surfing the net!

Step 1: Anti-Virus Scanner

Whether you're connecting to the internet or not, you need an Anti-Virus scanner. Your computer can become infected with "viruses". These are little files or codes that have been written to ruin your computer! That's why they must be stopped!

There are many programs out there that can help, but it's best to trust only the mainstream programs as these are used widely and updated regularly.

AVG Anti-Virus Free

Avast antivirus

Step 2: Firewall

Ok so your thinking what is a "firewall" sounds scary right? Well it's not really. It is again another line of defence against the number of ways your computer can be attacked. In simple terms it blocks other computers and programs from connecting to you and playing with your stuff. Think of it as an internet wall of fire, where you allow what can pass through.

Software - Again there are many programs available to protect you, Recent Microsoft Windows machines come with Windows Firewall, which can be described as basic at best. We do recommend you go for mainstream again.

Hardware - A firewall can also be included as part of your hardware, like an internet router "that's the box that sits between your pc and the internet line". This is the best and recommended way to have a firewall. As it blocks intruders before it gets to your pc.

Zone Alarm

Step 3: Be AWARE!!

Simply put watch what you download and accept to save to your PC, sometimes people can send you files in e-mails. They look ok but when you run them they will install something onto your PC and leave you upset and distraught. Always scan something that has been downloaded before opening it and never open/run programs that have been sent in an e-mail from unknown sources.
Step 4: Go for it

That's pretty much it to get you going. If you think something doesn't look right, it probably isn't. Hopefully this will get you going to start with, wait till you find out about spy ware and Trojan's!! Good Luck and Safe Surfing
8:20 AM - By oWneR 0


So You Think You Know CRM Software?

A year ago if someone asked me if I knew my way around the CRM Software Industry I would have confidently said yes, however, as it turns out the old saying the more you learn the more knowledge you realize you lack, is true. When talking about the CRM Software Industry it is almost impossible to actually say that you know it inside out since there are so many CRM vendors around the world, all developing their technologies at such a rapid pace. As if it wasn't hard enough for a company to make a decision regarding; what they require, how it can help their business and so on, these technological advancements are always followed with a marketing campaign each speaking of how much this new feature or functionality will help you.

So the question stands at, you think you know CRM Software? This is difficult to answer with all the hype surrounding the industry combined with the relative youth of Web-based CRM and the large number of vendors. It is also difficult to produce a linear comparison since each vendor has their own set of terms and names for features. So where do you begin? You can learn the basics of Web-based CRM Software fairly easily with a quick search on Google, however I would like to mention a few points that are more difficult to uncover; the hidden costs associated with purchasing CRM Software, what to avoid, how your CRM can go beyond simply contact management and where the industry is going.

When a company decides it's time to make the move to Web-based CRM Software they should first develop a plan on how they expect this new implementation to boost their companies productivity and revenue. The largest roadblock in achieving a fast ROI is all the hidden costs that are not clearly listed on vendor's web sites. In researching to develop a comparison of some of the major players in the CRM world including Salesforce, Netsuite and Salesboom.com, the majority of my time was spent researching pricing for different platforms, upgrades, implementation, customization and customer support. Salesboom was actually the only one at the time to have a page with their pricing listed clearly.

To just go out and purchase a CRM Edition and think you are done is nowhere near the truth, this is just a base point from which pricing begins. This leads me into what to avoid when seeking your future CRM Software. What you need to look into and ask questions about is; storage limits and the cost of additional storage, maximum number of custom tabs & fields, maximum number of applications you can add, this being particularly relevant for Salesforce, and any other limitation which could later force you to upgrade.

If you have implemented a CRM Software Solution and reached any of these mentioned limitations I'm sure you can vouch for my statement that it comes at a great cost. What is often the case is that the edition a company is currently working with is doing a great job but for example they have reached their storage limits. An edition upgrade for a company with roughly 750 users can amount to around 2 million dollars above what they were already paying. With this upgrade of course comes more features and functionality however they are features and functionality which will not increase your ROI simply because your company doesn't need them.

Now that the buyers beware and the negatives are out of the way we can focus on the positives. When you implement your new Web-based CRM you have just knocked down all the walls separating your departments or office's, no matter their location and you did it in real-time. Once up and running your CRM goes far beyond contact management software with vendor's now integrating front and back office functionality. Netsuite has a strong back office, which makes sense knowing their background in back office ERP solutions; however I find their SFA or front office not to be up to the standards of some others. Salesforce and Salesboom.com both offer a well rounded CRM solution for companies of all sizes, between these two it really comes down to price.

With more than just contact management capabilities CRM Software is a great tool for your; marketing department with in depth campaign and lead management tools, your customer service department since a complete history of all clients and cases are a mouse click away, your back office including inventory, billing & invoicing by taking advantage of real time workflow processes and of course your sales force with features like escalation rules or in more recent times offline and mobile editions.

Today CRM Software vendors are coming out with Offline and Mobile Editions giving new ways to never lose contact with the office. This brings us to the future of Web-based CRM Software, where is it going? Well over the past year we have seen great advancements with the use of AJAX, or as it's known to the tech world, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. This code underneath your CRM Software eliminates the need for you to refresh your web browser whenever you make a change. This can be seen in some social networking sites, a popular one being facebook. Here AJAX is used to allow for drag and drop customizations to appearance and the arrangement of applications. The idea is the same with CRM Software, a simple down mouse click and drag will allow you to customize the appearance of your dashboard without an IT department, so you can focus on the information most relevant to you.

The other benefit that AJAX will bring us in the future when combined with faster internet speed is the elimination of load time, maybe not completely but at least the majority of it. This sort of functionality is now only seen with On-premise software since all information is stored within your computer or server you don't need to wait for the internet to download any data. AJAX comes into play here since you don't require a browser refresh you can continue working while only that portion of the web page is reloaded. I predict that the gap between Web-based and On-premise CRM Software will be much smaller by the end of 2008 and we will see the same trend with businesses leaving their On-premise for Web-based CRM, like was seen in 2007.
8:20 AM - By oWneR 0


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